The RF spectrum is filling up fast. With GSM, TETRA, PMR, LTE (4G) and forthcoming “white spaces” transmissions likely to cause interference it is even more important to properly filter the input to a TV aerial installation and signal distribution system. Un-filtered installations are likely to suffer from the effects of interference causing unreliable reception and disturbed viewing. OPTIMA filters are designed to remove unwanted frequencies from the aerial system.

To choose the right filter, establish the range of channels required (lowest and highest channel number) from your local TV transmitter and choose the nearest filter covering that channel group.

  •  High Out-of-Band rejection >-30dB typical (except OBF4868 & OBF2160 in LTE bands)
  •  Low In-Band insertion loss <2dB typical , 3dB at pass band edges.
  •  Reduces overlap interference from out-of-band transmitters
  •  High quality fully screened die-cast metal housing with F connectors
  •  Colour coded label for easy channel group identification
  •  Visible mounting holes & slots for easy fixing