Lashing Kit Small

This small lashing kit is ideal for a 2″ / 50.6mm mast. Includes all components for attaching a lashing bracket to a chimney stack, includes 2 x V Bolts, 2 x J Bolts, 3 Corner pieces & Rope wire that has already been terminated which enable a quick installation.

Model: CLKS
V Bolts: 2
J Bolts: 2
Rope Wire: YES
Corner Pieces: 3
Bracket Usage: Lashing Brackets

Installing OPTIMA lashing brackets

Firstly insert the J-bolts from the lashing kit into opposite holes of the aerial bracket. Attach a nut to the end of each J-bolt and screw on slightly allowing for the maximum amount of tightening and adjustment possible when the lashing wire is installed.

Loop one end of the lashing wire to one of the J Bolts, Hold the aerial on the required corner of the chimney BELOW the top three rows of chimney bricks. Pass the lashing wire around the chimney and loop the other end of the lashing wire to the opposite J bolt.

Begin to tighen the J bolts equally to roughly secure the aerial at the desired height. Before tighening completely, slide the three corner brackets inbetween the wire and chimney at each of the remaining corners. Hook the lashing wire into groove on each corner bracket to prevent any rubbing away of mortar or brickwork.

Using the mortar line as a horizontal guide, adjust the bracket and corners so the lashing wire runs along the middle of a brick for maximum security and strength. Continue to tighten the nuts on the J-bolts equally to firmly secure the bracket against the corner of the chimney.

Once the lashing bracket has been installed, hold the required size of mast up against the lengthened V Bolts holes and secure at the desired height with the V Bolts from your OPTIMA lashing kit.

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